Krupskaya Siberia Tour 2018

In 2018, Krupskaya embarked on a tour of Siberia.
Over 9,000km in three weeks.
I kept a diary.

  • Introduction:Woah, we’re going to Siberia!

    In August 2018, Krupskaya decided to challenge ourselves with one of our more ridiculous adventures yet: tour across Siberia, over nine and a half thousand kilometres in three and a half weeks. Oh, and survive, preferably.

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    Woah, we’re going to Siberia!
  • Part One:From Birmingham to Saint Petersburg

    It begins – three and a half weeks driving across over nine thousand miles of Siberian wildlands! Will we die? Will we suck? Will anyone show up? All these mysteries and more, will be answered!

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    From Birmingham to Saint Petersburg
  • Part Two:Lost within the trees of Moscow

    Tonight we play in a forest in Moscow and the only directions we have are – when you find this tree, turn left. I admire Russia’s simplicity, I must say.

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    Lost within the trees of Moscow
  • "Matt puts his foot through the stage – talk about breaking a leg. He’s bleeding.I don’t care."
  • Part four:It’s like Fury Road, but shit

    How to you beat a beautiful night by the water in Nizny Nozvorod? By waking up to the single greatest sight anyone could hope for.

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    It’s like Fury Road, but shit
  • "While explaining the details, he departs for a quick pee against a wall. The sound that follows is akin to that of an avalanche and tidal wave of at the same time."
  • Part Six:Yekaterinburg is awesome

    Today we visit Yekaterinburg, an incredible city which further challenges any preconceptions I had about what Eastern Russia would be like.

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    Yekaterinburg is awesome
  • "We’re looking at around seven trizillion hours on this one. Or four, if you want to be pedantic."
  • Part Seven:Tyumen, Welcome to Siberia

    Today marks our venturing into Tyumen and with it, our official entrance into Siberia itself. Exciting times.

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    Tyumen, Welcome to Siberia
  • Part Nine:NOvosibirsk show for us

    Our show in Novosibirsk is cancelled and so, a day of relatively relaxed driving between cities awaits us.

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    NOvosibirsk show for us
  • Part Ten:Tomskward, to Glory!

    Today we travel to Tomsk. Not to be confused with Omsk. We've already been to Omsk. Now we're going to Tomsk. Different place, mate.

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    Tomskward, to Glory!
  • "I really dislike heights, incidentally. I really, really dislike heights."
  • Part Eleven:Tomsk and challenging my fear of heights

    Today marks the first of three without a show. Such days can be expensive, but they also mean we get to experience more of a place than usual. Which is good.

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    Tomsk and challenging my fear of heights
  • Part Fourteen:The wonderful city of Krasnoyarsk

    We're given brief respite from the endless expanse of Siberia, thanks to the colourful, vibrant and slightly mad city of Krasnoyarsk.

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    The wonderful city of Krasnoyarsk
  • Part Fifteen:Irkutsk, city of Angels

    They say, this is the city! The city of Angels! All I see are dead wings! The Distillers did some good shit.

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    Irkutsk, city of Angels
  • "We eventually stop at a gas station for some supplies, a leg stretch and toilet time. Denis did warn us that the standard of toilet facilities would drop sharply in the East. He’s not wrong."
  • "I can’t say I’ve seen an absolute ton of lakes in my time, but absolutely none have dwarfed their surrounding landscape. The mountains, hills, trees and clouds all look positively miniature compared to the lake itself."
  • "The sense of enormity is difficult to capture. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for the duration of the time we’ve been in Siberia. "
  • Part EighteenTV Appearance in Chita

    The whole 'keeping our heads down' thing gets put to one side so we can go on TV. Watched by 5 million people.

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    TV Appearance in Chita
  • Part Nineteen:Is this the way to Blagoveshchensk?

    Our journey across Siberia comes to 'somewhat' of an end technically, as we approach Blagoveshchensk, a city that sits alongside China.

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    Is this the way to Blagoveshchensk?