Raising great horned owls

In 2018, Anna and I became parents.
To a pair of great horned owls, specifically.
Here's how we coped:

  • IntroductionOwl you doin’?

    An insight into life with a pair of winged, infant demons who poo everywhere, devour flesh and make bizarre noises. Now I know how my parents must've felt.

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  • Week OneThey’re sooooooo cute!

    I've never worked with owls before and I've never been comfortable around babies. Since these are a mixture of the two, I figured week one would be about getting to grips with the basics.

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  • Week TwoHow can something so small, create so much shit?

    While they're definitely growing, there's absolutely no way animals of this size should yet be able to produce ten times their mass in faeces.

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  • Week ThreeThey grow so fast

    While I'm happy to report that the children have become surprisingly tall, I'm sorry to say I must keep this entry quite 'short'. Hehehehe... ugh, I'm dead inside.

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  • Week fourTime to say goodbye

    After a month of being loved, looked after and shitting all over my home, our children are no longer with us. I feel like how my parents must've when I finally buggered off, too.

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  • Month FiveOur kids are getting big!

    Sassy girl and Will are still barely a few months old, but their appetite and penchant for mid air tantrums could put even my own to shame!

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  • Month SevenPredatory birds in slow(l) motion

    I try to talk about and photograph our children/great horned owls with the same annoying level of frequency as those who parent human offspring.

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  • One year laterHappy birthday children

    Will and Sassy turn one year old this week. They've come a long way since flying across my living room and spraying us with napalm shit along the way. Shitpalm, if you will.

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