Sometimes I write about specific subjects or adventures. In the interests of simplicity, grouping such content makes sense. Ergo:

  • A conversation with

    A conversation with

    I like talking to people about their work. That's regardless of whether they're an artist, scientist or whatever. A couple of years ago I decided to formalise some of these conversations. Thus:

  • Meet the sharks

    Meet the sharks

    Incase I've not mentioned it before - I love great white sharks. I'm also quite interested in their individual personalities. Here I recount some of the most memorable.

  • Dawn of Shattered Silence Tour

    Dawn of Shattered Silence Tour

    Krupskaya have enjoyed some amazing tours across Europe. I have a tendency to completely forget them. So I started keeping a diary:

  • April 2020 Daily Photogrammetry Challenge

    April 2020 Daily Photogrammetry Challenge

    During the Coronavirus shutdown, I gave myself a challenge: Reconstruct one object every day using photogrammetry. Gotta make that £30 Reality Capture subscription worth it.

  • Cinematography in video game cutscenes

    Cinematography in video game cutscenes

    I really like realtime videogame cutscenes. Squeezing every narrative drop out of an engine's capabilities. I've listed and analysed some of what I believe to be the best.

  • Building Hyperreality games

    Building Hyperreality games

    Virtual Reality and motion capture are highly immersive technologies. Rarely are the two combined into videogames. So we had a go.

  • Fudge you, pay me!

    Fudge you, pay me!

    I've freelanced for a number of years. Getting money from people can be a nightmare. Here's the proof.

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