White shark tracking

Great white shark research project

Swim and eat, and make little sharks

Using manual acoustic tracking to collect data on great white shark movements around Dyer Island, South Africa.

Colleagues Oliver Jewell and Alison Towner were both tracking great white sharks as part of their Masters projects (and prospective PhDs) back in 2012.

I’d recently joined the Dyer Island Conservation Trust after three years in Mossel Bay, where I’d also tracked great whites.

We’d enjoyed some awesome experiences at sea, sharing in the lives of these fudging perfect animals. The Director of the Trust as if I’d put a short video together to help promote their work and also better explain the why behind the what.

This resulted in the following video, which I’m going to suggest you watch rather than continue to explain at the expense of my tired, lazy fingers.

Project details

The video we produced for the research project.

The video we produced for the research project.