White Horse Half Marathon

Sporting event logo design

I don’t run marathons, I just make them logos

The White horse half marathon is – as you might’ve guessed from the not terribly subtle name – a half marathon. If the ‘White horse’ part is giving you pause for thought, it’s a reference to the Uffington White Horse, a prehistoric hill figure near where the marathon takes place. One of my colleages is on the comittee and due to being somewhat aware that fiddling with pixels is an activity I’m known to engage in, asked if I’d help them out with a logo. It seemed a poor idea not to make the figure of the aforementioned White Horse a central part, which I took a step further by surrounding it with shapes resembling shattered and broken pottery, and tools. This was a nod to the late Bronze Age/early Iron Age time which it is theorised the Horse was created during.

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