Shogun 1.10

Motion capture software

Maximum quality for minimum effort

Shogun 1.10 marked one of Vicon’s most significant updates to its VFX offering from a full body motion capture perspective, in several years. The most recent releases had been dominated by Virtual Production and compatability with our latest hardware, and so Shogun 1.10 offered us an opportunity to focus hard on our ‘bread and butter’.

This involved significant updates to our live subject calibration, finger tracking, user interfaces and several major bug fixes. Our mantra throughout all of these was consistent – deliver maximum quality for minimum effort. It was critical that these improvements imposed minimal impacts to existing customer workflows, allowing them to enjoy all the benefits the new software provided while having to make zero changes to accommodate them.

In addition to overseeing Product Management on the project, I produced the majority of our supporting tutorial and feature videos.

Project details