Seven Thirty

Unreal Engine Lighting Competition Submission

Narrative through light

I woke up one morning with this idea of a vast, underground concrete space. This is what happens when I eat too much cheese the night before and Google image search my way through brutalist architecture. At the centre of said environment was a computer and desk. Both were suspended above an infinite black void by a solid (but precarious) concrete structure. That same afternoon I learned of the Better Light Than Never contest hosted by Epic Games and the timing seemed almost prophetic. I often have ideas that don’t get pursued because I lack a ‘good reason and because curiosity alone (usually) doesn’t constitute such.

So does a competition really constitute a good reason? It does when there’s prize money involved. Yes, I’m that superficial.

The brief for the competition was quite simple: We [Epic Games] encourage you to create a short [30 second] video showcasing your lighting abilities, pulling inspiration or guidance from the title itself.

If only all creative briefs were this simple. Here’s my final output:

Project details

The final submission