Wonderland Party Fancy Dress

An interesting challenge; adapting the primary sales website of the UK’s fastest growing online retailer of fancy dress costumes to work on mobile – without being responsive. The company wanted the layout to stay exactly the same on all devices, so I analysed user data to establish the most common resolutions, building a fixed grid system that would support the widest range possible. Numerous prototypes were built to refine button and image sizes in the process, before establishing a HTML framework that could be integrated with their custom CMS.

A header for every season

An important component of the company’s marketing strategy was the promotion of particular seasons; world book day, Christmas, Halloween, Valentines day, etc. I pitched the creation of an illustrated scene that could be changed with each of these seasons, ensuring the site always felt relevant and giving repeat customers something new on every visit.

A head for every theme

Building on this concept was the creation of a central mascot for the website. Variants were then created for every theme, which could be applied to targetted marketing campaigns or updated across the website itself.