Oliver Jewell

Marine Scientist website

Oliver Jewell is a Marine Scientist and Spatial Ecologist. We’ve been involved with white shark research for a similar number of years. Both of us started working for Oceans in Mossel Bay (South Africa) on the same day.

We’d often discussed Oli’s need for a website through which to showcase his skills, qualifications and experiences.

This became less of a luxury and more of a necessesity as he approached the conclusion of his PhD. He wanted to have control over all aspects of content, but still enjoy a unique, bespoke design.

I accommodated this through a custom WordPress Theme, designed from the ground up to distinguish Oli from other scientists.

Incorporating media

Oli has done a fair amount of TV work. It was important to highlight this not just in terms of content, but also presentation. He didn’t want the individual project pages to just be blocks of text. The ability to incorporate video, galleries, publication downloads was a technical priority.

This has fundamentally enabled Oli to have complete control over the narrative for every piece of work he chooses to showcase. By utilising the media at his disposal, he’s been able to maximise the engagement of each project.