Marine Dynamics Academy

Oceanic wildlife research and training

Marine Dynamics Academy is dedicated to the research of South Africa’s marine species and the training of future ocean ambassadors.

Based in Gansbaai, South Africa (the home of The Marine Big 5 and great white shark capital of the world) we are part of Marine Dynamics. a family of organisations dedicated to the ocean environment. Certainly, we demonstrable embody our mantra ‘Discover & Protect’ through ecotourism, research, conservation and outreach projects.

Due to the rising demand for practical skills and experience in marine-related fields, we created a series of specialist training modules. Furthermore, we incorporated these with other areas of the company where possible. This results in us offering a truly unique, in depth experience.

Empowering future Marine Ambassadors

Fundamentally, we offer marine enthusiasts a range of courses and training programs. Regardless of background, interest or education, our goal is to empower those with a passion for marine research and conservation. This is done through a series of practical and academic modules, designed to marry tangible skills with strong, contemporary research methods. As a result of their experience, many have gone on to pursue careers or further study in scientific, technical and creative fields.

Because of South Africa’s incredible biodiversity, we’re able to offer an experience few can rival. Students get the opportunity to experience studying and working with incredible marine species. These include great white sharks, southern right whales and african penguins, besides the myriad of lesser known species in the area.

Marine Dynamics Academy students

A pair of our students collecting great white shark data

Marine Dynamics Academy – My involvement

Because of my background with the company, I was able to help to establish the Academy. I continue to develop the programs alongside the company’s dedicated scientific specialists.

Primarily, I contribute to the design and structure of module content and delivery. Many of these have been focused on cross disciplinary skills, such as the use of close range photogrammetry for digital dissections. I am actively involved with many of these, regularly corresponding with the team and returning to South Africa where possible.

This is in addition to being responsible for many of our marketing materials, such as the primary website.

Above all, my personal desire is for Marine Dynamics Academy to play an integral role in the career development of future oceanic specialists.

Because the oceans are friggin’ boss.

Marine Dynamics forged its stellar reputation as Gansbaai's leading great white shark cage diving company.

Marine Dynamics forged its stellar reputation as Gansbaai's leading great white shark cage diving company.