3D Scanning at Staffordshire University

Facility for education and research support

In 2019, The Smart Zone was born at Staffordshire University.

Boasting a variety of specialist facilities and hardware, its launch concluded over twelve months of discussions, design, planning and execution.

One person was fundamentally responsible for one of the flagship areas – me.

Now there’s a sentence that’ll send shivers down your spine.

Laser scanning class in session with the HandySCAN Black Elite.
What's left of the previous technician.

Cutting edge hardware in dedicated technical spaces

My previous experience with 3D scanning comprised work with close range photogrammetry. I ended up needing to learn a lot in a short space of time, while engaging academics to establish how the various optionsĀ could integrate with their teaching.

The end result is a pair of dedicated labs and an open space studio, comprising the HandySCAN Black Elite, Faro Focus S70 and Mechscan macro. Between the three, we can facilitate digital reconstructions of subjects as small as a fragment of a penny, right up to large outdoor environments.

The equipment has been embraced by both the student base and staff, catching the eye of everyone from engineering, to games, archaeology and even fashion.

Money well spent. At least, that’s what I wrote on my appraisal.