Caveman Events

Sporting event logo design

Caveman Events Logo Design

This wasn’t initially intended to be all that in-depth a project. I’d met the client via mutual acquaintances soon after moving to Mossel Bay, they liked my work and simply wanted something to advertise their sporting event with.

So it really just started out as a few ideas being informally sent back and forth. Everything was kept relatively ‘structure-free’ compared to other projects I was overseeing at the time. While the designs we started out with were very clinical and minimalistic, we quickly locked in on hot, intense colours and a rugged aesthetic as being the most appropriate, and most likely to engage his particular audience.

The fundamentals for the logo were defined at this point and a number of iterations followed which experimented with a range of iconography. I pitched a semi-circle which could at once present either a rising sun or the view from a cave. Each were thematically relevant and provided much needed balance to the organisation’s name.

The client loved this as it very much encapsulated the events’ african roots, was visually striking and executed to a far higher standard than the identified competition.

Project details

Caveman Events logo - full colour
Caveman Events logo - white
Caveman Events logo - black