UK grindcore band

Avant-garde, pulverising grindcore

Krupskaya is a grindcore band from Staffordshire (UK) whose music is characterised by speed, intensity and bleak historical, and cultural subject matter. I co-founded the band in 2005 with several others. We were all equally frustrated with having nothing to really show for our musical efforts throughout our teens and early twenties. The was therefore very simple – to play the fastest music, play as many gigs and release as many records as we possibly could. This turned into fifteen year journey of taking some of the bleakest, most violent music across several continents.

Creatively, the goal of the sound was to be genuinely physically arresting. We wanted to create a noise so unpredictable, relentless and uncompromising, as to leave listeners feeling physically exhausted. The execution of this came largely from writing the drum parts first, making liberal use of odd-time signatures and constantly providing contrast between bleak, cavernous atmospherics, and periods of completely disjointed, high velocity violence.

Countries we toured include: Siberia/Russia, Lebanon, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iceland, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Holland, Scotland, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Hungary and Gran Canaria.

Project details

  • Client: Krupskaya (UK)
  • Responsibilities: Art direction, Apparel design, Creative Direction, Photo-manipulation, Drums, Songwriting

Some samples from Krupskaya's latest album - Remnants of a species now forgotten