Marine Wildlife Illustrations

Creatively communicating conservation

Established in early 2020, Co-Exist create and sell ethically sourced, environmentally friendly products inspired by the marine ecosystem. The proceeds of these sales are then contributed to ongoing marine research and conservation efforts across the globe.

A key goal identified early into the initiative’s conceptualisation, was to produce unique artwork for their products. Designs were sourced from numerous artists who were given considerable creative freedom, myself included.

In terms of approach, I wanted to avoid creating singular, disconnected pieces and instead, determine a theme that could be explored through a variety of designs. After a few concepts, I pitched complete and utter garbage – literally.

Project details

X-Ray sketch of a bottlenose dolphin
X-Ray sketch of a great white shark
X-Ray sketch of an Orca
Detail close up
Detail close up
Detail close up
The final 50/50 Turtle T-shirt design
The final 50/50 Coral t-shirt design
A selection of the final t-shits sold by Co-Exist

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Please do visit their website for purchasing information and a wider range of artwork.

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