Aquatic Aztec Toy Box

Wooden toy box (Christmas gift)

Building an Aquatic Aztec Toy Box

I’m not sure if it’s really fair to say that this had a design brief. Basically, I wanted to give my neice a Christmas gift that would not add to the existing mountain of toys and teddies already suffocating my brother’s existence.

What better a gift then, than something into which chunks of that mountain could be stored?

My first thought was to just wrap up a shoebox, but then I remembered that she’s probably going to outlive me. Therefore, a bit more investment of care now should mean it being returned in kind when I need looking after in old age.

This quickly evolved into a wooden shoebox adorned in original artwork comprising underwater creatures. Wood makes everything feel more authentic, she likes animals and now her room is (ever so slightly) less cluttered.

Project details

The final toy box complete with custom artwork
A closeup of the main panel artwork
A closeup of one of the main panel's artwork.
A closeup of one of the main panel's artwork.
The original 3D objects used to define the materials and construction.
The original illustration for the main panel's final artwork
Artwork for the first end panel
Artwork for the second end panel
A side by side between the end panel illustration and final carving.
Both end panels, side by side.