I love animals, especially predators - the more teeth, the better.
I'll make whatever excuse needed to work with them in any capacity I can.
These have historically been research, conservation and ecotourism.

  • Wildlife

    Great Horned Owls

    I was never a big bird guy (except Cape gannets are the absolute shit), until Anna started working at a predatory bird park and we ended up raising a couple of Great horned owls from birth.

    These are amazing creatures and I kept a diary of their growth, lest we never get the chance to do so again.

  • Wildlife


    You might not typically class cats as wildlife, but you would if you met ours. I’m naturally more of a dog person, but these little bastards have won my heart time and time again.

    I’m only including them here so they don’t crap on the carpet out of anger.