I like sharks.
I may have mentioned this before.
If not… I like sharks.

  • A great white shark named Nukumi

    A great white shark named Nukumi27 April, 2021

    It's been a while since I shared stories of some of the great white sharks I've worked with, so I figured it'd be worth talking about another who has recently been making headlines.

  • Oliver Jewell has launched!

    Oliver Jewell has launched!1 December, 2020

    I've done a website for long time friend, colleague and fello-shark nut, Oliver Jewell. He does stuff with great white sharks. Go see.

  • Shark Free Chips has launched

    Shark Free Chips has launched22 April, 2020

    Shark Free Chips is a new collaborative effort between Apex Expeditions, Marine Dynamics and shark-lovers the world over.

  • A great white shark named Bitey

    A great white shark named Bitey29 February, 2020

    Great white sharks are generally known for biting things, so the name 'Bitey' would generally make sense. In this particular fish's case, it's a little more ironic.

  • Interview on BBC Radio… Stoke

    Interview on BBC Radio… Stoke17 January, 2020

    Just because it has 'Stoke' in the title doesn't mean it's a lesser version. I mean, strictly speaking it probably does, but just put that to one side for the benefit of my ego.

  • A great white shark named Spud

    A great white shark named Spud21 October, 2019

    Spud was a great white shark I worked with briefly in Gansbaai, South Africa. What made this shark was special, was that we technically met some ten months before.

  • A great white shark named Flag

    A great white shark named Flag17 March, 2019

    Flag was a 4.5 metre great white shark, seen in both Gansbaai and Mossel Bay (South Africa) from 2007 to 2009. She was massive and terrifying.

  • Great white sharks against cancer

    Great white sharks against cancer20 February, 2019

    Because not only are white sharks absolute bad asses who generally have no interest in killing humans, but they're actively helping us battle one of the most terrible diseases on the planet. We're welcome!

  • Hand drawing a great white shark tutorial

    Hand drawing a great white shark tutorial9 January, 2019

    Since great white shark drawings are something I indulge in fairly often for fun/work as it is, I figured it's high time I tried to capitalise on the trillions of people searching Google for how to do the same.

  • Cutie sharks are on the way!

    Cutie sharks are on the way!27 November, 2018

    One of my responsibilities for SharkStuff is creating badass artwork for our various bits of merchendise. Introducing - Cutie Sharks.

  • They’re sooooooo cute!

    They’re sooooooo cute!18 May, 2018

    I've never worked with owls before and I've never been comfortable around babies. Since these are a mixture of the two, I figured week one would be about getting to grips with the basics.

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