Journal Topic: Great horned owls

Predatory birds are boss.
Great horned owls especially.
I am the parent of two.

  • Happy birthday children
    4 April, 2019

    Happy birthday children

    Will and Sassy turn one year old this week. They've come a long way since flying across my living room and spraying us with napalm shit along the way. Shitpalm, if you will. Read in full...

  • Time to say goodbye
    27 July, 2018

    Time to say goodbye

    After a month of being loved, looked after and shitting all over my home, our children are no longer with us. I feel like how my parents must've when I finally buggered off, too. Read in full...

  • They grow so fast
    29 May, 2018

    They grow so fast

    While I'm happy to report that the children have become surprisingly tall, I'm sorry to say I must keep this entry quite 'short'. Hehehehe... ugh, I'm dead inside. Read in full...

  • They’re sooooooo cute!
    18 May, 2018

    They’re sooooooo cute!

    I've never worked with owls before and I've never been comfortable around babies. Since these are a mixture of the two, I figured week one would be about getting to grips with the basics. Read in full...

  • Owl you doin’?
    9 May, 2018

    Owl you doin’?

    An insight into life with a pair of winged, infant demons who poo everywhere, devour flesh and make bizarre noises. Now I know how my parents must've felt. Read in full...