I enjoy analysing and testing environments, approaches and ecosystems.
Because understanding how things work can be as much fun as breaking them.
Well, maybe not 'as' much, but close... ish.

Organisations and associates


  • The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth: tooth shape and ontogenetic shift dynamics in the white shark Carcharodon carcharias

    Published 2017 - GCA French, M Stürup, S Rizzuto, JH Van Wyk, D Edwards, RW Dolan, SP Wintner, AV Towner, WOH Hughes

    Journal : Journal of Fish Biology

  • Tracking white sharks in a dynamic system at the southern tip of Africa

    Published 2016 - Oliver JD Jewell, David Edwards

    Journal : PeerJ PrePrints

  • Gauging the Threat: The First Population Estimate for White Sharks in South Africa Using Photo Identification and Automated Software

    Published 2013 - Alison V. Towner, Michelle A. Wcisel, Ryan R. Reisinger, David Edwards, Oliver J. D. Jewell

    Journal : PlosONE