A Siberian Summer




In August 2018, Krupskaya toured across Siberia. Our adventure started in St Petersburg, concluded in Vladivostock and covered over nine and a half thousand kilometres in three and a half weeks. Leaving a camera behind was not an option. Siberia contradicted and exceeded the vast majority of my expectations. The enormity surpassed anything I could've imagined, but it was the beauty and idyllic nature of the natural environment which caught me. Hence, that's what I focused on.

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Denis, walking around a beach in Vladivostock

Siberia Tour Diary

I kept a diary of this particular tour. Because driving across Siberia isn't something you want to forget. Yet, I probably would.

Siberia Tour Diary
A Siberian Sunset
A river leading to Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal, Siberia
Lake Baikal scenery