Of Virtue

Motion Capture Prototype

Project Summary:


In March 2019, myself and a couple of students set ourselves the task of shooting, fixing and editing a Motion Capture sequence in Unreal Engine 4 in as short a time as possible. We gave ourselves a limit of three days and determined we would use a single long-take, rather than multiple angles.


I wrote a very short script and oversaw a three hour motion capture shoot at the University. I worked with a student to clean up and merge the data, before importing everything into Unreal Engine 4. I worked on lighting and cinematics together so that one would not always lead the other.


United Kingdom

Responsibilities and tools:

  • Art Direction, 
  • Lighting, 
  • Creative Direction, 
  • Unreal Engine 4, 
  • Editing, 
  • Direction, 
  • Filming, 
  • Environmental design, 
  • Motion Capture, 

Final Video


Still shots

Of Virtue Of Virtue Of Virtue Of Virtue Of Virtue Of Virtue