Hardcore Unry

Hardcore Unry - An experiment in first person cinematics.
Inspired by 'Hardcore Henry' and built with Unreal Engine.
Quite possibly the laziest pun ever.


I got quite inspired after seeing Hardcore Henry to do some experimenting with first person cinematics. Fundamentally, I wanted to see if simply using first person perspective within a cutscene designed for third person cameras would still work.


I took the existing 'Cinematics' template available for Unreal Engine 4 and essentially stuck cameras on all the characters heads. I then altered the lighting and cuts to create a more compelling cutscene, inspired by Hardcore Henry.


United Kingdom

Responsibilities and tools:

  • Lighting, 
  • Editing, 
  • Direction, 

Available for hire

I'm keen to discuss opportunities for collaboration in any of the fields showcased on this website. If you'd like to hire me, get some outside perspective on your own work or just chew the fat about sharks or batman - please do...

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