Gauging the threat

Make a film about our white shark population study in Gansbaai.
Fly out, write, shoot, edit and score said film in ten days.
No pressure.


'Gauging The Threat' is the first ever population study for great white sharks at Dyer Island (the white shark capital of the world), South Africa. Once the study was published, we then needed to create a film to showcase our findings. Or rather, I did.


Originally, someone else was supposed to be doing this, as I'd moved back to the UK. But then they pulled out and I flew out to write, shoot, edit and secure music for the film just over a week before the press event. Which was fun.


South Africa

Responsibilities and tools:

  • Editing, 
  • Direction, 
  • Filming, 
  • Motion Graphics, 
Great white shark filmed underwater in Gansbaai, South Africa Great white shark breaches the water in Gansbaai, South Africa Sunset over Dyer Island, South Africa Aerial shot of South Africa Aerial shot of Gansbaai, South Africa Aerial shot of Dyer Island in Gansbaai, South Africa Underwater closeup of great white shark in Gansbaai, South Africa Great white shark swimming through fish, South Africa Great white shark breaching, South Africa Political statues in Cape Town, South Africa

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