Cutie Sharks

T-shirt designs

Project Summary:


SharkStuff is a UK charity for whom I'm a board member. Towards the end of 2018 we decided to do start generating funds through original designs, printed on a variety of merchendise that supporters could buy. We wanted something that was fun, colourful and exciting. Like me, in opposite land.


Kids comprise a huge portion of our audience and so we tailor a lot of our activities and social engagement around them. As such, I figured a series of characters with distinct expressions and poses, captured in a burst of colour would be the best approach.




United Kingdom

Responsibilities and tools:

  • Art Direction, 
  • Freehand drawing, 
  • Colouring, 
  • Digital Illustration, 
  • Character design, 

Final artwork previews and development sketches

Shark Cartoon Shark Cartoon Shark Cartoon Shark Cartoon Outline Shark Cartoon T-Shirt Shark Cartoon T-Shirt