Contaminated Dead Atmosphere

Artwork for Krupskaya's split release with Sandokhan.
A new approach to mark the end of my time with the band.
Based around violence, of course.


Krupskaya's 2010 release with Sandokhan was to be my last before departing for South Africa on a more permanent basis, so I wanted it to not suck. Artwork on the previous few releases had fallen into a few predictable patterns, which i felt compelled to ignore this time around.


The entire concept was built around rorschach ink blots (I'd finally read Watchmen), using imagery relating to various events/acts of human atrocity. These images were consolidated into strange, vague shapes that only gained clarify with further scrutiny.



Responsibilities and tools:

  • Art Direction, 
  • Creative Direction, 
  • Photography, 
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The making of...

I've also written up a small case study on this artwork, detailing its creation in a little more depth and with plenty more sarcasm.

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