Baron Hill House

My better half loves this derelict manor house in Anglesey, Wales.
She insisted I share a visit and bring my camera along in the process.
This place has more angles than pythagoras' wet dreams.


Baron Hill House is a mansion located in Anglesey woodland, accidentally burned down during the second World War. It's a mega spot for urban explorers which though I've no interest in myself, my better half does, so obviously I get dragged along.


I figured I'd get something out of the trip and so borrowed Anna's D80. In fairness, it's a cool spot with ruins and nature intersecting each other in various surprising and interesting ways.


United Kingdom

Responsibilities and tools:

  • Photography, 
Cables in abandoned house
Ruins of an abandoned manor
Cold sky viewed through trees
Abandoned building walls
The roof of an abandoned building
Graffiti on the wall of an abandoned building
Staircase of an abandoned building
Some random metal stuff
Exposed interior walls of an abandoned building
Derelict windows of an abandoned building
Wooden floorboards of an abandoned building
Window of an abandoned building looking out towards the forest
Graffiti on the wall of an abandoned house

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