Eastern Europe 2018


Krupskaya had a tour of Siberia planned for later in 2018, but we figured it'd be wise to do something shorter, earlier in the year just to get back into the swing of things. I of course, have a crap memory so figured it'd be wise to take a camera.


Similarly to my 'Grind Over Europe' gallery, I focused these images on capturing the stark, cold, somewhat bleak nature of Eastern Europe. I literally have nothing else interesting to say on these - it was bloody cold.


Personal Project, United Kingdom

Responsibilities and tools:

  • Photography,
Jested Mountain Hotel, Liberec Building in Czech Republic
Building in Eastern Europe
Stairs in Czech Republic
Statue in Czech Republic
Forest, Liberec Escalators down to the subway
Building, Czech Republic
Subway, Czech Republic
Jested Mountain Hotel, Czech Republic
Man in Prague, Czech Republic Sunset in Liberec
Architecture, Eastern Europe
Architecture, Eastern Europe
Sky and field in Eastern Europe
Wind Turbine, Eastern Europe Eastern Europe
Fields in Eastern Europe Jested Mountain Hotel