I’ve made many mistakes over the years.Keeping a journal helps myself and others learn from them.It also keeps my parents up to date as to where I am.

  • Our Final Day in Tomsk

    Our Final Day in Tomsk16 December, 2019

    Our time in Tomsk draws to a close as we enjoy one final day of relaxation.

  • Hyperreality Target Practice

    Hyperreality Target Practice21 November, 2019

    It's time to take our awesome new motion capture stage and create something that could actually resemble a game. I emphasise my use of the term 'could'.

  • T-Rex follow-up

    T-Rex follow-up11 November, 2019

    I recently compared laser scanning with photogrammetry for creating game assets, to see which would be the superior approach. Turns out, combining both might actually be the preferable solution.

  • T-Rex Skull

    T-Rex Skull4 November, 2019

    Laser scanning and close range photogrammetry go head to head. Which will transpire to be the superior solution for getting my lovely, replica Tyrannosaurus Rex skull into a game engine?

  • Tomsk and challenging my fear of heights

    Tomsk and challenging my fear of heights25 October, 2019

    Today marks the first of three without a show. Such days can be expensive, but they also mean we get to experience more of a place than usual. Which is good.

  • A great white shark named Spud

    A great white shark named Spud21 October, 2019

    Spud was a great white shark I worked with briefly in Gansbaai, South Africa. What made this shark was special, was that we technically met some ten months before.

  • The British Ceramics Biennial is open

    The British Ceramics Biennial is open9 September, 2019

    An incredible range of physical and digital art installations unified by British Ceramics, is now open to the public. Come see our stuff!

  • Building hyperreality games – Introduction

    Building hyperreality games – Introduction2 September, 2019

    Our motion capture stage at Staffordshire University was recently the subject of a massive upgrade. One of the benefits of which is live streaming into game engines such as our beloved UE4.

  • Tomskward, to Glory!

    Tomskward, to Glory!17 August, 2019

    Today we travel to Tomsk. Not to be confused with Omsk. We've already been to Omsk. Now we're going to Tomsk. Different place, mate.

  • NOvosibirsk show for us

    NOvosibirsk show for us18 July, 2019

    Our show in Novosibirsk is cancelled and so, a day of relatively relaxed driving between cities awaits us.

  • Krupskaya tour and new album

    Krupskaya tour and new album16 July, 2019

    Krupskaya's first album in fifteen years releases next week, as does the start of our tour across Czech Republic, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai and Lebanon.

  • Happy birthday children

    Happy birthday children4 April, 2019

    Will and Sassy turn one year old this week. They've come a long way since flying across my living room and spraying us with napalm shit along the way. Shitpalm, if you will.

  • Tyumen, Welcome to Siberia

    Tyumen, Welcome to Siberia1 April, 2019

    Today marks our venturing into Tyumen and with it, our official entrance into Siberia itself. Exciting times.

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