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White shark research priorities

Role: Communicator

White Shark Research Priorities is a project involving forty three great white shark experts, whose goal was to establish what the most critical areas of continued white shark research are.

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Promotional artwork and infographic

I got involved towards the end of the project, when the numbers had been crunched and the final stages were underway.

Project lead Charlie Huveneers (an Associate Professor at Flinders University, South Australia) put a call out among the scientists involved, to see if any were capable of/interested in producing some visuals to better communicate the results.

I’ve fortunately worked with a number of these scientists and a few are close friends, so when my name was put forward there was evidently some support.

I created an infographic that could be included in the paper itself and communicate the results in the most clear, concise way possible.

The final infographic for 'White Shark Research Priorities'

The final infographic for ‘White Shark Research Priorities’

This involved learning what the various research subjects were and gaining clarity over what each was specifically about.

With that information, I was able to dissect each into their core themes and associated visuals which I then depicted in ‘relation’ to the sharks themselves.

You can learn more about the creation of the infographic via my dedicated journal entry: White Shark Research Priorities – Study and infographic overview.

Midway through that process, I also offered to create some promotional artwork, just to help bring a little more attention to the project upon completion.

You can view said artwork below and when you’ve chance, please do read the study for free online.

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