Designer / Researcher / Shark-nut

My name is David ‘Ed’ Edwards. The Ed is silent.

This website documents my creative output across a variety of professional and personal endeavours. It is at once a demonstration of my skills to prospective collaborators and a record of individual growth, that I might reflect upon and live vicariously through when I inevitably descend into senility and the greatest challenge awaiting me, is one of sustaining bladder control.

My (mis)adventures have taken me across the length of Siberia, to the wrong end of Ukranian military gun barrel, the great white shark capital of the world and perhaps most dangerously of all, the UK education system.

I draw upon all these experiences when developing projects intended to forge sustainable futures and impactful legacies in equal measure. I aim to pursue this ambition to the highest standard among likeminded, talented people.

Available for hire?

If you’re interested in collaborating on a creative projec to would like to commission some illustrations, please do get in touch.