My name is David Edwards.
People call me Ed.
Unless I've upset them


This website documents my creative output across a variety of professional and personal endeavours. It is at once a demonstration of my skills to prospective collaborators and a record of individual growth, that I might reflect upon and live vicariously through when I inevitably descend into senility and the greatest challenge awaiting me, is one of sustaining bladder control.

All of this work (including the seemingly or blatantly frivolous) is driven by the pursuit of meaning, which I quantify as balance of:

  • sustainability of operation
  • dissemination of ecology
  • solidification of identity
  • departure of ignorance
  • expression of thought
  • realisation of vision
  • formation of legacy

What this means in slightly less obnoxiously pretentious terms, is that if I’m not busy contributing to things I think matter, then I become a miserable, irritable dick. It is therefore in the interests of both myself and those who must endure my company, that I pursue meaning whenever possible.

In respect of my approach, I take the time to understand what a project is at its core – the people. What they are and what they wish to become, specifically. It’s important that I clarify the nature of these spaces, before determining the most appropriate vessel for their traversal.

That vessel may be one of illustration, 3D design, music, strategy, research, words, thought or a mix of each.

If you’ve a project you believe I might be an asset to or would just like to talk about sharks and/or Batman, please do get in touch.