“A Rough Perspective” by A Day Like Winter is out now. So get it.

Posted on 22 June, 2020

It’s been a while since I had anything to say. Much to the relief of everyone, I guess.

On the one hand, current social etiquette seems to dictate that unless you’re complaining about the government or white people, you’re not really supposed to say anything at all. Honestly, I don’t feel that I’m wise, brave or intelligent enough to engage in such world-changing activities just yet.

On the other, I’ve been busy building chairs (one, if I’m being honest), running (which my knees and shins hate), knocking out some freelance stuff (on its way soon) and not-dying of Covid-19.

But just because I don’t have anything worthy of your time, doesn’t mean the same is true for others.

Enter “A Rough Perspective”, by A Day Like Winter.

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The logo I created for A Day Like Winter

A Day Like Winter

A Day Like Winter is the industrial solo project of one Dave Scragg, a Stoke-based musician alongside whom I played in FHP.

Dave’s musical output is fairly extensive as it is, but to my knowledge this is his first creative release unburdened by the annoyances and distractions of musical colleagues.

As someone who specialises in being an annoying distraction, I can appreciate just how liberating this must be for him.

Anyway, he’s just completed his first album “A Rough Perspective”, which is now available for purchase. The following cover art will take you through to their Facebook page, which is being updated with Spotify and other purchasing links over the coming weeks:

A Rough Perspective, front cover artwork.

“Ed, it’s not like you to unselfishly share the work of someone else, where it is of no relevance or benefit to yourself. What gives?” I hear you cry (from atleast two metres away, obviously).

Well you see, my grubby mits are in this somewhere and thus, any delusions you may have heald as to my selfishness declining are in error. Ha, fool.

I created the A Day Like Winter logo back in January this year and thrilled Dave to such an extent, that he procured my services for the artwork you see above.

The fundamental idea was all his and frankly, I had a blast just working with the various themes and content he asked for. I think it balances nicely with the aesthetic of the music and if you’d like to see higher res screens, you are welcome to visit the A Rough Perspective project page.

Cool man, where can I learn more?

You can check more samples from the album on DistroKid,

And if you could fit it in giving them a quick like on Facebook, that’d be equally swell

Cheers folks!