South Africa’s Government responds – Shark Free Chips update

In a strange turn of events, South Africa's government has actually responded to the Shark Free Chips campaign.

Posted on 23 May, 2020

Here’s something noone’s particularly prepared for at the moment – government action which isn’t miserable and completely ineffective.

Could this be the dawn of a new era? Might South Africa’s government have just become the unlikely catalyst to an age of global governmental transparency, integrity and dedication to the best interests of their people?


Shut up.

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Shark Free what mate?

Shark Free Chips launched just over a month ago. For those unaware as to what this is, please do read my entry announcing this momentous occasion .

In short, it’s a campaign designed to address the impact that Australia’s demand for Fish and Chips is having on South Africa’s shark populations. On the one hand, it aims to raise consumer awareness in Australia and encourage alternative, sustainable options.

On the other, it wants a review of the South African Demersal Shark Longline Fishery, which is essentially responsible for exporting effected species to the verge of extinction.


The government has responded!

On May 21st 2020, the South African government announced via its official website that such a review will take place. A panel of nine scientific experts (national and international) have been assembled in direct response to public concern about the issue.

Click here for the full statement.

It’s a small step forward, but one that I’ve no doubt would never have happened without the group effort and persistence of Chris and Monique Fallows at Apex Shark Expeditions, Marine Dynamics, all other scientists who were involved and the surge of public support they’ve created.


A special thanks goes to anyone who has visited or engaged with Shark Free Chips as a result of my recent postings.

I write purely as a means of self-gratification. If I have inadvertently led to just a few folks getting behind a cause, far greater and more meaningful than my own indulgence (let me tell you  – there aren’t many), then I am happy to accept full responsibility for its success.

You know, with such a cemented level of self-delusion and narcissistic overestimation as to my contributions to the world, it’s a wonder that I’ve never tried work in government. Or for Vox.

Anyway – thank you again and if you’ve the time, please do continue to support the campaign.

For more information, check Shark Free Chips and my portfolio page if you’d like to learn more about the design process.

Thanks again!