Interview on BBC Radio… Stoke

January 17, 2020

Just because it has 'Stoke' in the title doesn't mean it's a lesser version. I mean, strictly speaking it probably does, but just put that to one side for the benefit of my ego.

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That’s right – a working professional with an actual reputation to consider, nevertheless thought it a good idea for me to speak on the radio. Proof that absolutely anything is possible.

Towards the end of 2019, I was very kindly invited by the team at BBC Radio Stoke to discuss my experiences with both Krupskaya and great white shark research.

They’d recently interviewed Alex (Krupskaya vocalist) about the band and our various escapades on tour. Upon learning of my obsession and history with sharks, they asked if he’d put them in touch with me and he happily oblidged.

I was given the option of speaking live or pre-recorded.

Literally everyone agreed with my gut instinct that despite the potential entertainment factor of the former, the latter would be the much safer bet.

Since the sound of my own voice cuts through my brain with more seering, vomit-inducing repulsion than an episode of Loose Women, I’ve not listened to it. I can therefore not attest to exactly what made it into the final cut.

I’ve been reliably informed that the interview starts at approximately two hours in. I’ve also been reliably informed that the music of Olly Murs makes an appearance. I completely understand if this is enough for you to cease all contact with me. It should be available for another two weeks:

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