Great white sharks hunting in kelp – more footage and info

Posted on 4 September, 2019

The story of great white sharks hunting in kelp was broken earlier this year.

Close friend and long-term sharky-collaborator Oliver Jewell, lead the study which was based in Gansbaai, South Africa.

The team consisted of myself, scientists Dr. Salvador Jorgensen, Dr. Adrian Gleiss, Dr. Taylor Chapple, Dr. Paul Kanive, producer Presley Adamson and Zoologist/Communications badass, Michelle Wcisel Jewell.

Cryptic habitat use of white sharks in kelp forest revealed by animal-borne video was published to tremendous interest from the scientific community and shark-nuts alike.

Because sharks hunting in kelp is badass and worthy of your interest.

Story continues below...

Sharks hunting in kelp on video

Sharkies on film!

Monterrey Bay Aquarium published a video about the project, towards the end of July in the run up to Shark Week.

It’s not long, but features new footage from the project and interviews with key members of the team. Namely Oliver Jewell and Dr. Sal Jorgensen.

If you watch closely, you might even spot a hobbit-like creature in the background, trying to look cool.

Trying and successfully nailing, I’d like to think.

Forget Shark Week - this is where the real shit's at.

Forget Shark Week - this is where the real shit's at.

More information about the study

If this is all news to you, please do read my previous journal update on great white sharks hunting in kelp.

In it, I go into a bit more detail about the technologies used and some of the cool stuff observed in the captured footage. Read it, your day will instantly be made better.

Then, please check out the Steel Kelp Shark artwork I put together to help promote the release of the study.

Fingers crossed, more research and footage will be published from the project in the coming months.

Thanks again to the team and Monterey Bay Aquarium, Stanford University,  Murdoch University and as always, The Dyer Island Conservation Trust.



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