Dépayser is ready for pre-order!

Posted on 19 May, 2019
Dépayser is ready for pre-order!

Dépayser, the second full length album from Black Metal band Nyss, is available now for pre-order on Avantgarde music.

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A few months back, I wrote a feature about how we lit and photographed the Cover Artwork for Dépayser.

The vinyl is now available for preorder by Avantgarde Music – whoop!

If you’re not strictly a black metal fan but do enjoy genuinely atmospheric and heavy sounds, I would advise you check this out.

I’ve known lead song-writer Þórir Nyss for almost fifteen years now and always enjoyed his writing. The sound of this record in particular feels like a convergence of pretty much everything he’s done before.

I would advise it’s well worth your time but just incase you need a bit more convincing, here’s one of the tracks: