Liberec, Czech Dawn Of Shattered Silence Tour - Day Four

Posted on 20 February, 2018
Liberec, Czech

Today's events...

08:00 – Tightly wrapped in my sleeping bag, a dense, cheesey, almost-acidic smog emanates from my nether-regions and I very quickly conclude that a shower would be advisable.

I’m in no great rush, until I sense the stirring of band-mates who will no doubt awaken soon . I’d rather avoid a stampede, so elect to hurl myself out of bed and sort this stench out as soon as possible.

08:30 – Ahh, now I smell like apples and look like Leo Sayer – morning is off to a good start.

09:00 – People are fannying around, not entirely sure why, I’m going to finish that level of Doom while they talk about whatever.

10:30 – No! Still not done it! Thankfully, breakfast is here so I can take my anger out on a loaf of bread.

11:30 – We say our goodbyes, pile into the van and set sail for Liberec, Czech Republic.

13:30 – We arrive at the venue, another boss little spot where we quickly unload the van and are promptly met by Martin, who is going to show us around a little bit.

Martin’s also bought a little dog with him, who is looking for a new home. A breif fight breaks out between Dani and Riley over whose going to adopt him… I don’t even get a look in 🙁

Martin gives us the offer of either going into town to have a look aroud, or climbing up some massive hill to look at a hotel which looks like a space ship.

I figured I must’ve misheard that last part, but just on the off-chance it’s not bullshit, it seems the wiser choice.

14:30 – We pull up at the car park to this ‘space ship’ and are immediately struck by the distinct abundance of snow – which I swear there wasn’t a trace of when we arrived in town!


We also get a glance of this alleged ‘space-ship’ – he wasn’t bullshitting! This thing looks legit and the view from atop this hill is incredible.

Let’s go see this thing!

15:00 – This was a proper awesome little trip, I take as many photos as I can, some of which don’t turn out total shit either!


15:30 – Obligatory band shot!

17:00 – Returning to Liberec, we go on a massive bloody walk throughout the town and see some incredible stuff! I love eastern Europe, just how so many of the roads feel cobbled and thrown together, but there’s likewise an awe-inspiring amount of care and attention to detail in the actual building architecture.

Even the coffee bar we eventually settle in feels like a mix between the Corona Milk Bar and pretty much any scene from Rubacava in Grim Fandango.

Petra (promoter for the show and our guest on the next few dates) meets us here and walks us back to the venue (thankfully, because I have friggin’ no idea how many streets we went down to find this place!)

Sadly, I left my camera behind… sorry about that.

19:30 – We return to the venue and set our shit up, shortly before being treated to the most immense meal of the tour so far! Vegan curry with rice and some mad jammy thing for dessert – proper good, happy days.

20:45 – Literally nothing is happening and it’s bloody freezing. A band just came in and made some noises about organising the stage, I’m going to hide and leave this one… they’ll probably find me in a giant ice cube in a couple of hours.

21:00 – Wahey, a band goes up! Postea, they’re quite an odd mix of rock, a bit of prog in there but with almost black metal vocals. It’s a really strange mix but really addictive and very well played. Mega enjoyed

21:45 – Then Vole play and are fooooooking awesome! I am not sure the best way to describe this music, somewhere between punk and hardcore with just a really eclectic, unhinged edge to it.

These two bands I have enjoyed the most so far, so hopefully we don’t ruin the night for everyone.

22:10 – We don’t suck at all!! Really good night, the sound is awesome on stage as much as off (based on the crowd’s general response and expressions).

I manage to smash a stick in half which is officially the first break of the tour (I’m usually several sticks down by now) and only bleed for half the set.

A good night all round.

23:00 – We drink and I lose my shit (with glee) at a painting on the wall with a shark on it.

I think that’ll do for today,

Thanks Liberec!!