Day Three – Berlin, Germany – Dawn Of Shattered Silence Tour

February 19, 2018

Day three is already upon us as we venture towards Berlin. The last time we played here, it was in a morgue. Fun fact.

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Today's events...

08:00 – Wake up, eat vegan cheese, black coffee, panic that I’ve lost my laptop, realise it’s in my hands and subequently figure I should probably let the coffee kick in before trying to function as a normal human being.

09:30 – Cheese and caffeined up, make our way to the van to the sound of Riley sneezing out half a lung. Since it’s likely that he’s contracted whatever illness ails him from me, I feel slightly guilty, though this is quickly undermined by the absolute joy that I’m not the only one who feels like he’s dying.

Small, albeit pyrrhic victories.

9:45 – We bid Simon farewell as he returns to his home in the forest.


12:30 – Now THIS is how you do downtime… not staring at soulless ginger people as they sleep, rather embarking on another play-through of the (second) best RPG ever made.


12:31 – Turns out the inverter is on, so that plan goes straight down the train. Sleep time, then!


??:?? – I’ve absolutely no idea what time it is. I figure we’ve been on the road for eight or so hours by now, so everyone’s glad to finally arrive at K19 in Berlin, Germany.

Krupskaya Krupskaya

Speaking of which – this place is the absolute shit! We don’t get time to look around Berlin, but this venue is everything I love about playing this sort of music. The bar is at the ground floor with the stage (well, floor) in the cellar, with a stunning stairwell leading to the bedrooms.

We get fed some awesome boss soup and take the opportunity to rest ahead of the early gig.

19:30 – People start piling in like it’s a bloody Saturday! Place is friggin’ packed, although if last night is anything to go on that will quickly change as soon as the first band has played. Fingers crossed that won’t be the case here.

Awesome to see some familiar faces, including Stephan (guitarist from Wojczech whom we released a split with towards the end of last year), Arneus from Icelandic black metal band Norn (who we likewise have a split planned with for later this year) and Jake Kent, born and raised in the same area as me and used to play for Huffin’ Paint.


An hour is spent chewing the fat before the noise doth begindeth.

20:15 Punk Hazard take to the stage and unleash a spacepunk mix of uber distorted bass, trippy guitar and sampled beats. Really enjoyed these guys, it’s always good when there’s something a little left-field compared to other bands on a bill, so the fact that they play well and have some super catchy tunes only makes it better.

21:00Cyness are up next, a band with whom we last shared a stage some ten years ago. That said, with the exception of the singer none of these musicians were in the band back then. Heinz (drummer for the aforementioned Wojczech) is also playing for them now, much to their benefit of their overall sound which now packs a far more severe punch.


Good set, good vibe from the crowd, only downside seems to be the small lake of sweat which is slowly rising around everyone’s ankles.

21:45 – Our turn – that’s more bloody like it! Between feeling like crap and the kit falling apart, the last two gigs had left me extremely frustrated, but tonight everything came together very nicely!


Only after we finish and I get chance to watch the videos (thanks Jake!) do I realise how much faster I played the songs than they were actually recorded, but this does happen on occasion.

Either way we sound fast, tight, heavy and overwhelmingly brutal. These are the gigs that all this is about.

22:30 – Drinks are shared, laughter bellowed, myself and Riley make friends with a little black dog who seems (as you might expect) slightly worse for where. Then some lady comes out of the bogs, screams at everyone and starts shouting about propaganda.

We conclude she just wanted some attention, which she quickly receives from the puppy I’d recently befriended, which seems as tired of her shit as everyone else is and barks their little socks off in her direction.

01:30 – We go to sleep. By we, I mean the other three pass out, snore the roof off and I’m left pondering what I did to deserve this – possibly associated with Chairman Mao in a past life? Even then, this sort of punishment seems a little severe.

Bollocks to it, I’m going to play Doom until I fall asleep. I’ve just got the BFG and am now stuck on the immediately proceeding combat arena, so at least I should be able to make some progress here.

03:00 Nope, not at all, still stuck on the same pissing area! Dam you nightmare mode!

Atleast now that I can keep my eyes open no longer, the snoring is less of a distraction.

Thanks Berlin!