Krupskaya ‘Dawn of Shattered Silence’ tour diary.

Posted 15 February, 2018

So, what's the point of this?

On the one hand, even people who aren’t familiar with the DIY scene or (understandably) tolerant of the chaotic din I’m known for creating in Krupskaya, are mildly curious as to what the day-to-day lifestyle of touring is.

On the other, I have the most inconsistent memory known to man, ie:

Fifty-plus time signature changes in a two minute song? No problem!

Last known location of my car keys?… I have a car?!

Ed needs more memory!

The latter is of ever-increasing concern, given that at the ripe-old age of 33, I feel the cold, skeletal fingers of death inching closer towards my brow with every passing second.

As such, I struggle to justify investing time into anything which doesn’t at the very least, offer a unique, valuable life  experience. But what good are such experiences if I remember bugger all of them?

So, that’s what this is – something for me to look back upon when I finally succumb to senility and a peak into the life of a band, hell-bent on assaulting the ears of perfectly nice, undeserving people in beautiful cities… except Stoke – if you live there, you deserve the abuse.

Below are the dates and locations of each tour day. I’ll be updating these as I go with links to the relevant journal entries, for anyone so lacking in things to do with their spare time, that such stories would be of interest:

If you’re nearby any of these towns, please do come and experience our own particular brand of face-removing noise for yourself.

I mean, you might literally be the only person in the audience, so it’s not like anyone’ll know and shame you on Facebook for it.