Welcome to the online journal of David ‘Ed’ Edwards

Hello, I’m Ed, a Product Manager whom also dabbles in visual design, wildlife research and creative technologies.

My (mis)adventures have taken me across the breadth of Siberia, to the wrong end of a Ukranian Military gun barrel, into the great white shark capital of the world and perhaps most dangerously of all – the UK Higher Education system. Navigating the world of Virtual Production has been fun, too.

I write about all these experiences here, otherwise I’d forget they ever happened…



Features consist of numerous journal entries within broader topics. These include tour diaries, my thoughts on freelancing, oh - and that time we raised a pair of Great Horned owls.

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Across my Journal, I will often make references to various design, science, product and music projects I've been involved with, all of which have been collated into one place.

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